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The Scale of Ma'at

The Scale of Ma'at


The Scale of Ma'at


This took around 67 hours to complete. And a lot of dots. Approximately 147 thousand of them but don't hold my word on that.


Commence the final weighing. Your soul has entered the afterlife, the only thing now is to judge you upon your actions in life. Goddess Ma'at is ready to do so, on her tremendous scale. Your heart has been taken from your mummified body and is being scaled against a feather. If it's the same weight, or even lighter, your soul shall enter the Field of Reeds. If not...well...

But money snakes its way into many corners and finds solutions for ''unsolvable'' problems. Gold has paid for your sins, bathed away your crimes and injustices. You’re fine now. Congratulations.

I wish there was a punishment for this but you’re in front of the gods and they accepted your payment. What else is there? I have hoped for your conscience to kick in, at least for a sense of guilt or remorse… but if that isn’t there, nothing helps now.

I wish there was a more positive spin to this. I wish I could twist it with a sense of justice or righteousness. But I can’t.

If this is the last thing I ever post you must understand… it’s the most important one. I can’t stress that enough. 

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