Who am I?


How to begin...

A short introuction: I am a dotted inker or what's more oftenly reffered to as a stippling illustrator. My aim is to present a story within one frame, applying different perspectives and symbols to tell a tale which is multi-layered and can be read from multiple viewpoints. My illustrations contain anywhere between 10 thousand and 150 thousand dots (approximately) and are mostly done on watercolour paper, on a surface area of roughly around 15 x 15cm. The motifs vary largely, but are mostly inspired by philosophy, psychology, mythology and stories in general.

Born on the 11th of April 1992, I started drawing like any child does, very early and completely randomly. I remember the very first illustrative obsessions were studies of the Titanic, which I did when I was around 5. 

In my teenage years my obsessions turned to music, I started playing the guitar (and very little piano) which I played every day for around 8 years. Simultaneously I read a lot, mostly literal classics (and even then mostly Dostoevsky), and I started performing improv theater for a few years.

When high school came to an end I enrolled in the Faculty of Design to study Visual Communications. There my love of illustration was fully reignited and I've been drawing now for the past 5 years every single day. 

What also started to intrigue me greatly were symbols and stories. How to tell a concise story which has more than one view in it. How do you use symbols to tell that story and make it deeper, perhaps even multi-layered. How do you combine all of that into one image to create a packed, multi-leveled, multi-layered picture which has in it at least 2 or 3 perspectives.  

I've worked on several different commercial projects, mixing traditional graphic design with hand-drawn illustrations to create my own, unique style. What I rather obsess about nowadays is symbols and the study of them (semiotics). I aim to create an image which perfectly encapsulates the meaning and the essence of any given thing. The key to creating a powerful image is to boil everything down to its bare essentials and pick from them the elements which create a true symbol; one which speaks to the project (be it a brand, an organization or an individual) and one which can stand completely on its own as a story in and of itself. Symbols like these give any project a greater depth and a bigger meaning.