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Dots: cca. 175,000⚫
Time: 31 hours🕒

Standing on a busy street during rush hour can feel quite chaotic. People rubbing shoulders, running, talking, laughing, anxious and impatient. The loud noises, the overpowering smells, the feeling of eternal rush. The experience can feel extremely overwhelming. The picture of pure chaos.

But ascend this chaos into any tall building, view the circus from above and another picture emerges. The look of organized individuals, walking in groups. Walls, which once seemed to be barriers, suddenly arrange the picture into a whole. Like little ants, seemlessly communicating how, where and when to move, the view starts gaining the feeling of strategy. A world where chaos on a minuscule level acquires the sense of order when viewed from afar.

As if the city is a chessboard, the buildings are the pieces and the people...the people are the chaos we don't see.

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